Gemma Lowe



Electronic voices: Crystalised chattertypes and other works on soundcloud.


Crystalised chatter types

- a nature of unsorted thoughts.

What is this kind of mystical by nature?

Want to start up

Revved up there it go

       Chamberllng baby loving the smallnest evs your size


Split across the wall speed up and automate the kassel for the observed greener than an invite eyes you know suze


       Slags lift in the pantaloons making wheat sheefs never been seen by goatette corpses

                                                                                      Vanish in the satin picture this and beguile watch it and leave.

                                    You see where the sheefs are winding round the melland plains’ s when I get told to sit


       A walking to n across the other side makes no nonsense to t’other get on from a line baited in sheef cruisers.

                      You know? You know what I mean,


                                           mens in medium blues mountain smoke curl curtain.


Just need not to be nowhere right now and for again but maybe tomoz.

Is I’m in the old place no its get to the river first coz food at the party is red and coming to get to afford a cold meat ain’t going to call them now